So… I guess you all have heard/read/seen the news. It’s been pretty hard to miss it - the death of Sherlock Holmes. I’m gutted but I’m doing my best to keep it together. I don’t know about you guys, but I refuse to believe it. That he was a fraud. He just can’t have been, can’t have! I saw him at a crime scene once, I had followed the sound of sirens in hope it’d be one of his cases, and there is NO WAY he was a fake. You can’t make that sort of shit up, he was too good! He was an inspiration for all of us to be more observant in our every day lives, and I won’t accept the so called truth about Sherlock that is all over the media. I know you feel like I do, and now it’s our turn to show that we haven’t lost faith in him. Sherlock might be gone, but I won’t sit silent!

This is a blog to collect the love and creations of Sherlock fans participating in #BelieveInSherlock. Please feel welcome to submit!


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To those of you who have been submitting multiples of your submissions:

Because I’ve seen a few more of you than usual doing this lately,

Please don’t.

We’ve received your submissions.  If they haven’t been posted yet, they’re either in the queue or haven’t had the chance to be queued yet.   There’s only one mod (me) working right now, the other doesn’t have his computer, and I’m a full-time college student looking for a job.   I don’t always have time each day to process submissions more than a few at a time, if at all.

Be patient.   Your hard work will be posted, I promise.

New printables link in the sidebar!

Hey dudes.   Lots of you have been asking about designs to print so you can paper the town, and to facilitate finding them(!), I’ve added a link to as many of the designs as I could find.

In addition, there’s also a new tagging option in the submissions to tag something as a printable if you’re submitting a graphic you’d like others to use as well!

If you’ve submitted one of the graphics I’ve tagged as printable that you don’t want shared on the link, please let me know and I’ll remove it from the list.

whereforeartthouwolves asked:

Hi guys, it's the Sherlockians Wanted mod. I posted this in the community a while ago, but it's possible new viewers from this blog haven't seen it: I'm only a single mod with a busy schedule. Please allow at least a /week/ before you start asking why your post hasn't gone up. Sometimes I can't get to the queue until Fridays because of school work. Also /please/ don't ask this blog about your SW posts, they don't have anything to do with it. Thanks guys!

The mods here and at SW are not superhuman.   We and SW aren’t run by the same people.  Don’t ask us about them, don’t ask them about us?  (I don’t know if anyone’s done that, but that’d be a really silly thing to do.  It’s silly to ask us about SW.)

We love you, but don’t be silly.

Connections and Meetups:

Due to overwhelming posts for connections and meetups for the #believeinsherlock movement, it has been decided by an outside source as well as this blog for there to be a separate blog for such things. Kind of quick, yes, but hopefully it’ll create a more  organised way for contributors to the movement to group.

So please direct your connections and meetups to Sherlockians Wanted.

We do however, still want you to post your finds here. (:

Regarding “Connections”.

We’ve been getting a lot of repeat “connections” requests. Before sending more, please check the “connections” tag on our blog to see if someone has already made a connections post. You can also search by city most of the time (:

#believeinsherlock now has a Tags page.

If you’re looking for a meetup, a person who’s contributed in your area, or just want to browse through what people have already found, then check out the tags page.

If you want to attempt to find someone or advertise a meetup, send us an ask or a submission, and we’ll tag accordingly. ;)

Question for followers:

Due to overwhelming participation in the #believeinsherlock campaign, we’ve actually hit our limit in the queue! As such, we have a question for you guys in which we definitely need answers-

Would you guys be all right with having more than one post an hour? We don’t want to flood people’s dashboards but we need to speed the queue up. We’d like to get a nice average of numbers to figure out the best way to go about this. About how many per hour would be a good medium for you?