So… I guess you all have heard/read/seen the news. It’s been pretty hard to miss it - the death of Sherlock Holmes. I’m gutted but I’m doing my best to keep it together. I don’t know about you guys, but I refuse to believe it. That he was a fraud. He just can’t have been, can’t have! I saw him at a crime scene once, I had followed the sound of sirens in hope it’d be one of his cases, and there is NO WAY he was a fake. You can’t make that sort of shit up, he was too good! He was an inspiration for all of us to be more observant in our every day lives, and I won’t accept the so called truth about Sherlock that is all over the media. I know you feel like I do, and now it’s our turn to show that we haven’t lost faith in him. Sherlock might be gone, but I won’t sit silent!

This is a blog to collect the love and creations of Sherlock fans participating in #BelieveInSherlock. Please feel welcome to submit!


sherllllock asked:

I don't know how far this would go, because I imagine lots of letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes get sent to 221B Baker Street anyway, but still - do you think we could rally all the Sherlockians to send a bunch of #believeinsherlock stuff to the 221B address? If we all sent it in the same time frame, it could at least make a statement. The messages needn't be long - just a short something, as though you were writing to Sherlock or John. Could be fun? Worth a go?

I don’t think anyone is strictly immediately working on making a statement (Mofftiss&Co. know we exist already  C:  ), but!  That would be a neat idea if someone were to arrange a date and things.


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